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Neudorfer Engineers, Inc.
5516 1st Avenue S.
Seattle, Washington 98108
Phone: 206-621-1810
Fax: 206-343-9820
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Neudorfer Engineers, Inc.
1500 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97232
Phone: 503-235-8924
Fax: 503-235-8925
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Neudorfer Engineers, Inc., (NEI) was established in 1970 to provide the final steps necessary to ensure that successful HVAC operation results from skillful design and installation. Commissioning is the formal and comprehensive process for work our company has been doing for over 35 years. 

NEI is able to provide an Owner a complete building commissioning project that is economical for all types and sizes of buildings, and the varied types of building systems that are in each one. 

Our commissioning team includes professional engineers and field engineering technicians with extensive experience in operations and maintenance, and building automation systems. 

This hands-on experience in constructing and maintaining building systems gives NEI an Owner’s perspective that we incorporate into our commissioning approach.

We apply this perspective to all commissioning activities, including writing the commissioning plan, site visits, functional performance testing & observations, and Owner training.

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