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Neudorfer Engineers, Inc.
5516 1st Avenue S.
Seattle, Washington 98108
Phone: 206-621-1810
Fax: 206-343-9820
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Neudorfer Engineers, Inc.
1500 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97232
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Neudorfer Engineers is a leader in non destructive testing with the application of thermal imaging.  

With certified A.S.N.T. Level II thermography, specializing in building heat loss, NEI is capable of identifying heat loss without any disruption to building operation.

Thermal Imaging is a growing field in non destructive testing of buildings, mechanical systems and electrical systems.  Annual surveys can find problems before critical shutdown occur saving time and money in any plant operation.  

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Sample Report Thermal Imaging
Raised Access Floor Systems
 Thermal Imaging 
Thermal Imaging
Building Pressure Testing
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