Re-Commissioning (Re-Cx) and Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing (TAB) of approximately $5M project with 50,000 SF of existing office, auditorium, and support spaces.

Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing (TAB) services per Washington state energy code (WSEC), NEBB TAB standards, and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) requirements, including design review, submittal reviews, coordination meetings, TAB survey, TAB agenda submittal, incorporation of TAB activities into project schedule, observation of deficiencies, commissioning coordination and back check, and submission of TAB final report. Balanced air distribution systems included: variable volume air handling units, fan-powered series terminal boxes, squeeze boxes, and general exhaust. Balanced hydronic distribution systems included variable volume heating hot water to air handling units, terminal boxes, and cabinet heaters. NEI TAB team coordinated with building maintenance staff and contractors to fast track repairs, balancing damper installations, motorized actuator replacements, sheave changes, belt changes, fan replacements, speed controller installations, and pressure control system adjustments on existing and renovated systems to maintain project schedule, while providing comfortable work environments for building occupants, prolonging equipment life cycles, and improving system efficiencies.

Whole Building Commissioning (Cx) services per Washington state energy code (WSEC), NEBB Re-Cx standards, and NAVFAC requirements, including design review, sequences of operations review, submittal reviews, coordination meetings, site visits, incorporation of commissioning activities into project schedule, writing and execution of pre-functional checklists and functional performance test reports, TAB back check, tracking of observed deficiencies into deficiencies log until closure, witness of Owner training, review of O&M manuals for commissioned systems, and diagnostics testing / review of trend reports after substantial completion. Commissioned systems included heating, ventilation, air conditioning, & refrigeration (HVAC&R), and Building Automation System (BAS).

Re-Cx included investigating, reviewing, and analyzing existing building issues discovered during early site investigation and pre-commissioning phase prior to contractor renovations. NEI worked directly with building managers, maintenance facilities groups, and NAVFAC engineers to compile the building survey / Conceptual Energy Analysis, including recommendations for design & existing system modifications. Recommended corrective actions were reviewed by the entire Cx Team from a global point of view, comprising of short-term improvements and long-term system reconfigurations / adjustments to the building’s air distribution, equipment components, and building automation sequences. Recommended energy conservation measures (ECMs) were labeled by priority and supported with life-cycle cost analyses.  Review of building energy consumption via electrical, gas, & water utilities months after project completion confirmed that Re-Cx and TAB services optimized the building systems performance and energy efficiency. And occupants voiced their approvals of the building’s increased comfort, & indoor air quality.