Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing (TAB) and Commissioning (Cx) of new 10,000 SF research laboratory building within the existing Shell Oil Puget Sound Refinery campus in Anacortes, WA. The new Shell Oil Laboratory is divided into 2 distinct zones, office and laboratory. The laboratory zone is further divided into 8 lab zones, each with respective Price exhaust & supply airflow valves that maintain pressure differential setpoints between zones when any number of the 40 fume hoods are opened.

TAB services were provided according to Washington state energy code (WSEC), ASHRAE 110 requirements, and NEBB TAB standards. TAB duties included design review, submittal reviews, coordination meetings, TAB agenda submittals, incorporation of TAB activities into project schedule, observation of deficiencies, commissioning coordination and back check, and submission of TAB final report. NEI TAB team coordinated with contractors to make system adjustments to maintain project schedule.

Whole Building Commissioning (Cx) services included installation verification and functional performance testing of new HVAC, Building Automation System (BAS), domestic hot water, & lighting controls systems. Commissioning services included design review, BAS sequences of operations review, submittal reviews, coordination meetings, site visits, witnessing major equipment startup, writing and execution of Pre-Functional and Functional test reports, back check of testing and balancing, and tracking of observed deficiencies into project deficiencies log until closure. Engineering duties included design and submittal review, value engineering, RFI coordination, budget control, scheduling, witness of Owner training, review of O&M manuals, and review of building operations.

Shell Oil Laboratory